EGOfocus Business consulting

“There are no failures, only results. And when the result doesn’t fit your expectations, then change the procedure.”

Where you and your company want to be in the future?

Organizations’ success especially depends on the flexible and focused interaction of all members. Against that background it is critical that executives or decision-makers have the ability

  • To align motivation and behaviors with an organization’s objectives
  • To understand people’s communalities and differences in thinking, acting, feeling and perceiving

These key competencies are the cornerstones of achievement for any organization in an ever-changing and increasingly complex business environment.


Our seminars integrate concepts of applied organizational psychology. We thereby particularly analyze the interaction of involved organizational members. Our courses do not only provide various suggestions, but also practical support in the advancement of personal, social and methodological competencies.

Our open courses are initially designed for managers and decision-makers of private firms and comparable institutions. Nevertheless, attendance of specialists or people otherwise involved in leadership tasks and group dynamics is much appreciated.

We offer seminars concerning the following topics:

Outdoor seminars

EGOfocus offers effective outdoor-seminars. However, our concept fundamentally differs from conventional incentive packages or survival trainings. Thus, we focus on the precise formulation on training objectives and progress towards achievement, rather than on just being outdoors. This distinction clearly differentiates our approach from the typical outdoor trainings offered. However the nature potentiates the training-success by helping to be focused and representing one of the biggest challenges itself.

Our seminars support personal development and the awareness of own strengths and limitations. They promote team spirit and team building. Last, not least, they reinforce self-confidence. We place our emphasis on:

  • The new interpretation of your capabilities and competencies allowing for their effective deployment
  • The substantial improvement of your work practices and techniques
  • The growth of your knowledge
  • The most effective use of your experiences and their seamless application to your area of work

EGOfocus supports you in reflecting on your physical and mental abilities, your personal allocation strategies and your methods for enforcement. The outdoor-seminars are designed for managers as well as for a larger audience interested in these issues.

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Private and Executive Coaching

EGOfocus consulting offers personalized coaching to individuals. Our coaching services addresses people interested in reflecting on the frontier area of professional challenges and personality. We particularly consider issues coming along with management and leadership tasks. You will for instance learn about your means of self-portrayal and experience how your character and your motivation interact. A strong intrinsic motivation is that certain something, which makes you come across unique. Above, we work on giving you an understanding of your subconscious, its impact and success factors. You will learn how to increase personal effectiveness, how to incite and inspire your reports and your managers and how to conduct focused, efficient and activating meetings.

Together we will elaborate on matters, such as:

  • Dealing with your reports
  • Self-control and heteronomy
  • Step-by-step reflection
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Challenging conversations
  • Assertive behavior in and reaction to the new and unexpected

Coaching strengthens self-esteem, increases motivation and ability to perform and provides a sense for the moment and the context. It helps you in achieving your objectives as well as in anticipating, avoiding or solving conflict.

Thus, coaching is an indispensable and highly efficient tool by working on your own personality – the biggest resource in business and private life.

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