Education and training

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

(Albert Einstein)

Health is an unpayable good and the information demands from patients, doctors and pharmacists are different: So HCPs require a reliable rationale how far the presented product really improves the therapy and the advantages justify the price in comparison to the hitherto used options. Patients on the other hand wish to get concrete advice about their individual disease pattern and understandable explanations about the therapeutic options. But for all of them it is valid – the simpler a message the more likely it will be accepted and reach the mind of your target group.

HCP trainings

Knowledge is one of the most important resources of an expert and demands continuous self-improvement. Therefore, if healthcare professionals can benefit from trainings in their daily work, they associate your company with a positive image the effect of classic advertising are synergistically reinforced. Integrate actively your product or technology in the stock of knowledge of doctors and pharmacists and combine a valuable service offer with the positioning of your brand and increase of recommendation.

Product training
can take place inhouse in a clinic or pharmacy or on external events and are focused on the concrete application and the key unique selling points of your product.

Further education
to specific indications provides a valuable update of medicinal knowledge with reliable integration of scientific proven product advantages.

Sales force trainings

The sales force is one of the most important living elements of the brand performance. They represent the human interface between your marketing strategy and the recommenders and prescriptors. Hence it`s not far to seek: Your sales force needs steady information input in context to the legal and regulatory restrictions in order to know what and how they sell. Thereby an understandable elaboration is the pivotal precondition for the training success.

Product training
in order to communicate and convince on an equal footing they need profound knowledge about the mode of action of a product or technology.

Conversation techniques:
Subtle convincing is a talent. We support your sales force to develop their skills and impart practicable conversation methods tailor-made to the specific target groups and products.


Patient elucidation

The best medicine can only be as effective as it is applied correctly. Therefore an understandable medical education can significantly contribute to the improvement of patient`s compliance. In Addition to that – more and more patients wish to deal with their own situation in a self-directed manner. Therefore trustfully conveyed advice and information is perceived as helpful. We afford patient elucidation on events, for patient organizations, companies, in clinics or self-help groups in various indications.


Conditions and terms:

rate by the hour: 975 R (plus material costs and VAT)