Medical communication

Success means being different

(Woody Allen)

Which happenings do you remember? The different ones…

The key is to define the individual differentiation for your product or technology from your competitors – independently if they are naturally given or an element of your brand performance. With longstanding experience in research and development as well as in medical marketing we identify together the pivotal difference for your product and communicate your claims in a target-group-specific way in three steps:


  • define the key benefits you want to address
  • define and learn to know your target group
  • identify and learn from your main competitors


  • develop tailor-made strategies
  • create scientific proven differentiating claims for the respective target group
  • composition of your channels and marketing mix


  • Original publications (beginning from final report of clinical studies)
  • Exclusive articles
  • Expert interviews
  • Press releases
  • Press toolkits
  • Patient brochures
  • Product presentations

Conditions and terms:

Rate by hour: 975 R
Daily rate: 7.550 R
(plus material costs and VAT)