The EGOfocus Pharma consulting Team is characterized by a diversity of competencies that synergistically work together.

Our pharmacist – Dr. Bettina Jung – has encompassing experiences in academic drug research*, medical management, legal affairs, clinical and product development in the pharmaceutical industry. Bettina has been working amongst others in the following indications: cancer, dermatology, cardiovascular, ZNS, mobility, orthodontics, cough&cold, everyday health protection, gastroenterology, pain control, orthodontics, infectious diseases and vaccination. She is an experienced medical writer and medical communication consultant for companies (e.g. Novartis Consumer Health, ASCONEX Arzneimittel). Bettina has been teaching at the Albert-Ludwigs- and Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Merck Selbstmedikation and is a guest lecturer at Stellenbosch University.

Utz Gersten, Clinical Psychologist, Health Economist (ebs), Quality Manager for Health Care, EFQM-Assessor – is an experienced business consultant for global companies in the Pharma sector (e.g. Merck KGaA, Genzyme) and expert in strategic planning and project management.

Our public relations consultant Carol Coetzee is an experienced journalist, interviewer and well familiar with the media landscape and is specialized to place stories and messages in the media in a target-group specific way.


*) research fields

  • molecular-modeling based synthesis of novel delta-opioid-receptor agonists
  • online-ads-extraction procedures for HPLC to extract antibiotics from biological matrices
  • microbiological fermentation method and freeze drying of pomegranate juice (in cooperation with Dr. Jacobs medical and Gefriertrocknung Greven, Germany)



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