EGOfocus Pharma Consulting

Imagine you develop the drug to save the world but nobody knows about…

Get your target group focused!

EGOfocus Pharma Consulting is specialized to support healthcare professionals (HCPs), companies, researchers and organizations in various pharmaceutical sectors including RX and OTC medicines, food and dietary supplements, medical devices, health technology and life sciences. Our core offering for encompasses

Medical communication

In the highly competitive pharmaceutical marketplace efficacy, safety and quality of a product are mandatory. The challenge is, how can get product messages heard in the noisy symphony of innovation? We know how to translate scientific facts into differentiating and understandable reasons to believe for patients as well as for healthcare professionals and stakeholders. The spectrum how to address convincing messages reaches from original publications, PR-campaigns to patient brochures.

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Education and training

In the Healthcare sector it´s the same as in private life: We recommend our friends and relatives only what we know well and profoundly be convinced of. Just as a doctor and a pharmacist will preferentially recommend products or technologies in which they trust. Therefore medical education and training combines the benefits of elucidation, networking and sales promotion and represents today a pivotal tool of the marketing-mix.

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R&D consulting

EGOfocus Pharma Consulting offers inhouse supports for small and mid-size companies in their drug development efforts from clinical study planning, product development, analytical matters and project management.