Outdoor seminars

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Outdoor stands for

  • a means for coming to terms with oneself and for reflection
  • a contribution to team building and team development
  • making a change to your life
  • and much more terms

Opening up and using your resources!

For further development and for re-discovery of your personality it is key to become aware of your strengths and limitations. A clear focus on and effective use of your potentials will allow for self-confident mobilization of your resources and competencies – in private life and in business life.

You will come to a more sophisticated perception of yourself and gain an understanding of behavioral patterns, such as leadership style, communication style, self-inflicted sabotage, etc.


The Objectives

  • develop an improved comprehension of own capabilities and skills – the cornerstone for effective performance.
  • Further developing and advancing your personality

If you have the courage for an expedition to and into yourself, without standing on firm ground, then you will benefit significantly from this experience. You will stock up on fortitude and restore calm within times of crisis.

Crossing frontiers and limitations, an unfamiliar environment, pure adrenaline and mastering the unexpected, will aid us in working with and on ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity for advancing our self-understanding, for tackling problems, even for changing life and attitudes.

Such change is far more likely once you have stepped back from the daily routines and rat race. However, the key is your readiness for engaging in the seminar with body and mind and to leave those established and secure trails of today. You should be prepared to opposing yourself to risk, both emotionally and physically and to interpret the seminar being an exceptional experience. You should commit to the joy of metamorphosis and to the means of your deepest inner.

Nothing will ever change, unless we change ourselves!

For that, it is of utmost importance to set precise objectives; e.g. “I want to overcome my crisis.” In the course of this experience you will learn about your desires and yearnings, your strengths and limitations. You can try out new roles for yourself: e.g. the adventurer, the nomad, the ascetic, the team player or even the artist. Which role eventually applies to you? Try and find out. But, no matter, what your personal role may look like, the objectives stay the same:

  • To re-discover yourself
  • To become proud of yourself again
  • To rebuild self-confidence
  • To step back from yourself

The fundamental elements to reach the goals

1. Self-experience
Your thoughts become audible once you are in total silence, where only the very moment counts. Being alone with yourself, with all your grieve and all your sorrow, is one of mankind’s last and greatest adventures, but also our greatest threat. The time we should keep for being alone is filled with “important” dates, with excess activities, etc. Thereby we more and more overlook the essentials, our inner self. Now, in a setting, remote from your familiar environment, you will have the time and muse for exploring emotions, yes, for finding out, what you really need and want. This self-reflection is critical in the forefront of key decisions, new episodes of life and novel phases of your career. Thus, before finding a solution, one will have to come to terms with oneself first.

2. Managing the unexpected
An outdoor experience beyond all well-trodden paths is likely to stimulate our natural curiosity. You may thereby please your intrinsic desire of seeing the actual world – with all its might, all its beauty, all its complexity and all its cruelty.

New insights will make you more sensitive, patient and alert – they might even throw you off your routine and obsolete tracks. New insights also cause fear. We are not familiar to them, we do not understand them instantly and they take much of our self-belief. New insights provide you with vigor for identifying our resources and applying them. Unimagined strengths and skills may be released, undreamt of thoughts and emotions may come to the fore.

The outdoor courses provide means for handling and utilizing all such consequences. The encounter with the unfamiliar and unknown will open your eyes – for yourself, for your provenance, your knowledge and abilities. Encountering the new makes you richer as well as it leads you back to your very roots.

In an alien environment you may be child again…and you may find an opportunity to grow up. Managing the unexpected (One-Upman-Ship), a lack of control, instances, sometimes even chaos, helps seeing the own (real or assumed) problems in a different light; it helps reassessing them and eventually solving them. The course offers an opportunity for re-discovering sedateness and calmness whilst being free from status symbols and pressure.

3. Give proof to your abilities!
I have given proof to my abilities.
Once you are undertaking endeavors and exertions beyond all safe paths all your daily problems will dwarf dramatically. Every mile you have covered and every time you withstand the heat, becomes measurable and apparent. The goal is always obvious:

  • to stand,
  • to arrive,
  • to experience,
  • to apply and
  • to rise to your own fears.

There is hardly anything as inspiring,

  • as having defeated your weaker self,
  • as having been brave enough to withstand and
  • as having shown to the world how great you are.

4. me – you – us
Together we are strong – a contribution to team development. The course impacts the intensity of relationships among all participants – they will be strengthened but also reveal their limitations. Participants will get to know each other within a shortest period of time and sooner or later, everyone will show one’s true color. Against such an exceptional context, the group is likely to team up – the situation outlines how one depends on another. The group develops and improves team spirit. We will have to compromise and cut-back some of our personal ideas and wishes. We will have to be pragmatic, realistic and practical. That involves trusting in each other, dispensing control, handing over accountabilities and sharing the good and the bad. This seminar is a wonderful opportunity to play your role of your dreams, at least for a short period of time and to reanimate the neglected traits of your character (your inner child). It allows for trying out new and adjusted behavioral patterns.

A classic management saying goes: “There’s no failure – only results. And whenever the result does not fit, then change the procedure.” The outdoor courses will you internalize this rule. And, you will surely take a considerable proportion of your new self-concept back to your home.

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 6-12 participants
5-7-day seminar