Promote effective cooperation

For years, cooperation and team work have been advocated as the formula for success for an effective work organisation. Especially when dealing with complex tasks, project teams, quality circles of self-controlled work groups are meant to promote performance, problem-solving capacities and creativity as well as satisfaction of staff. There is much talk in companies about team work but very seldom is there effective team work in place. But not all tasks can be effectively completed in a team. The success of cooperative work organisation depends upon specific conditions and frameworks.

It is the aim of this workshop to convey a basic knowledge of group-dynamic processes as well as to clarify the conditions, possibilities and limits of successful cooperation. Based upon concrete tasks, exercises and role-play, participants will have the opportunity, to learn together in the group to pursue common goals and take decisions, in order to enhance their own capacity for team work. Furthermore they will get to know and try out possibilities and strategies, to plan and control team work and team development in a goal-oriented manner, abolish inhibiting influences as well as to overcome arising conflicts cooperatively.

Main topics

Understand group processes

  • Group features and group processes
  • Psychology of a work group
  • Comparison between working individually and working in groups
  • Communication structure and group performance
  • Decision-making in groups
  • Cooperation, competition and conflict

Promote team work and team development

  • Cooperation as a leadership task
  • Conditions for successful team work
  • Abolish communication barriers
  • Plan and organise team work
  • Control team development
  • Moderate team briefings
  • Possibilities and limits of team work

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 6-10 participants
One-day seminar: 1.850 R