Communication skills

Basics and strategies of successful communication

Effective teamwork is often impaired by communication partners not expressing themselves clearly enough, by not communicating what is important to them personally, by not really listening to others or by addressing them in a manner that makes them feel belittled and under attack.

For individuals to interact effectively in a private as well as in a professional environment and to work together in a productive way it is essential to be able to immediately recognize communication problems, to address problems openly and to solve problems in a cooperative manner.

The workshop is designed to provide insights into the underlying basics of interpersonal communication, to make participants perceptive of influential factors and flaws in the communication process and to familiarize them with more constructive conversational patterns. Through exercises and role-play participants learn to inform clearly, ask questions according to the requirements of the situation, to listen in an interested and active way, to be assertive and to handle conflicts constructively, to fend off unfair methods of argumentation as well as to effectively prepare and control discussions with colleagues.

Main topics

Psychological basics of interpersonal communication

  • Analysis of the communication process
  • Four aspects of a message
  • Inner diversity and cross-cultural communication

Communicate effectively and structure conversations

  • Present facts clearly
  • Prepare, manage and structure conversations
  • Provide and accept feedback
  • Understand by actively listening
  • Put forward open questions
  • Structure conversations
  • Self-assertion by I-statements
  • Recognition, praise and criticism
  • Counteract objections and killer phrases.


  • Role-play
  • Working in small groups
  • Working on your own cases, collegial advice

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 4-8 participants
One-day seminar: 1.850 R