Confidence building

Enabling trustful cooperation

You will permanently have to act and take decisions in a context of intransparency and uncertainty – hardly any situation will ever be completely under control. Hence, without belief in ourselves and confidence in circumstances we are incapable of action. Without interpersonal trust, i.e. confidence in colleagues, reports, managers, etc., we would never engage in cooperation. Simply, because we would fear to be deceived, used and exploited.

Confidence or trust that is:

  • To engage with situations characterized by uncertainty, risk, blur and assumptions.
  • And thereby acting as if one felt secure and confident.

If confidence serves as basic attitude, one develops positive concept of future; i.e. “I am committed to and optimistic about my objectives.” However, confidence is a fragile and unstable concept. Incomprehensible and irreproducible decisions of your manager, secrets, rumors and seemingly unfair judgment may all trigger a calamitous process of loosing confidence.

This seminar addresses the complexity of the concept of confidence. This includes for instance, how to avoid risks and signals, which might be misunderstood and thus endanger or destroy confidence. Eventually, it is all about building a truthful and positive climate. You will learn to cope with an actual loss of trust, on a professional as well as on an inter-personal level and to re-build trust. You will also learn how to remedy relationships, where trust has been violated both on an organizational level as well as on an individual level.

Main topics

  • Confidence as a concept for life, cooperation and human relationships
  • Trust vs. mistrust
  • Aspects of confidence
  • The interaction of individual and environment in building and maintaining confidence
  • Confidence in situations, in organizations and in people
  • Elements of confidence
  • Conditions for trust and mistrust
  • Consequences and risks of loosing confidence
  • Phases of loosing and of rebuilding confidence
  • Preconditions and prerequisites for confidence building
  • Measures for confidence building
  • Signaling confidence
  • How do I create a truthful climate (exercise)
  • Case studies: Prevention and remedy of loss of confidence

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 6-10 participants
One-day seminar: 1.850 R