Private and executive coaching

Today’s ever-accelerating business world challenges everyone! Especially executives and specialists are now exposed to highest internal and external expectations. The effective and steadily improving application of strong capabilities and skills only will enable managers living up to these expectations.

More often, personalized consulting, coaching and training will be the most effective and efficient way for obtaining, developing and perfecting these qualifications.

Thus, coaching is a personal and practical consulting process, which supports solving professional, businesslike and also private problem issues.

Executive coaching should for instance be considered, if:

  • It is on perfecting own leadership styles (e.g. supporting others by effectively bringing in one’s capabilities)
  • Questions of individual performance and standing arise
  • Extraordinary situations require outstanding behavior and assertiveness
  • Team building, team performance, decision-making and cooperation is on the agenda – i.e. when things seem to get confusing

A core benefit of private coaching is the aid in homogenization of subjective realities. Typical situations are:

  • extreme stress and pressure, where some outside assistance seems helpful
  • One faces new and unexpected challenges within their personal business environment e.g. Reorganization processes
  • In the case of professional or private overload, e.g. burn-out, excessive demands, addictive behavior, paranoia or feelings of depression
  • general difficulties in solving problems, e.g. when well-tried procedures and proven habits influence personal behavior and thereby impede new and necessary approaches.

Once more, private coaching is personalized and individual consulting, businesslike support and, sometimes, close to personal training or even a combination of the above.

Individual coaching will always help – is it by improving well-being, by (re-) discovering own resources, by perfecting own capabilities or by strengthening self-esteem and assertiveness. It aids in raising performance and achieving highest economic success.

Conditions and terms:

On demand. Individuals only
2.500 R per hour