Presentation training

It´s not only what you say but the way you say it

- this experience we know well from social life is also valid for professional presentations. How reach your well-prepared content your audience? Presentations in the sense of lectures or speeches are a major challenge of professional life. Whether you present the results of your work, communicate your ideas or introduce a new project: Again and again it is about content being conveyed concisely, and in comprehensible and motivating manner.

Effective presentation – Modul 1: Basic

In this workshop the focus is on the clarification of information goals, the preparation of presentations and the appropriate media, the timely prevention of slip-ups, the effective handling of problems.

Basic rules, techniques and new media are presented and sources of errors are brought to mind. Presentation forms are practiced and corrected by using video analyses.

Main topics:

  • Clarifying the target of the presentation
  • Preparation and delivery of presentations
  • Expressing oneself in an understandable manner which is suitable for the addressee
  • Using media and visualization techniques in an effective manner
  • Getting to know the possibilities offered by new media
  • Activating participants
  • Effective handling of problems

Effective presentation – Modul 2: advanced

In this practice-oriented workshop which includes many exercises you will acquire the skills to prepare presentations, to make expedient use of presentation media and to convey content confidently. The following aspects will be dealt with: How can I structure a speech stringently and interestingly? What do I have to bear in mind in order to win over the respective target group for my subject? How can I visualise the subject and represent meaningfully by means of different media? How can I enhance my non-verbal performance?

Furthermore you will also be given the opportunity to deliver your own presentations, and through systematic feedback (coming from the group and video footage) detect your own strengths and weaknesses.

Main topics:

  • Success and failure criteria for effective presentations
  • Referring to a context / situation analysis
  • Structure & set-up of presentations
  • Use of media and media design
  • Language and body language

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 6-10 participants
Modul 1 (one day): 1.700 R
Modul 2 (two days): 3.200 R
Modul 1+2: 4.500 R