Leadership and performance management

Assess, advise and develop staff

Human resource management is to align the behaviour of staff towards common goals, to motivate and to develop them. Assessment and feedback systems are indispensable tools of personnel management and development and yet they arouse widespread unease and distrust amongst both, supervisors and employees.

Only if the targeted functions are clear, if feedback systems are transparent to all those concerned and if they are part of an overall concept of leadership, motivation, advice and development, will they be able to unfold their potential. In the course of the workshop, a psychological basis for goal setting, assessment and development will be created. By way of example, models of assessment, feedback and development systems will be presented and requirement criteria for effective procedures will be worked on. Managers, members of the works council and of the staff council will acquire the skills to participate constructively in the advancement of assessment and development tools and to employ them in a goal-oriented manner.

Main topics

Fundamentals of assessment and development

  • Concepts of staff development
  • Basic assessment model: Observe, evaluate, forecast and decide
  • Detect and avoid assessment errors

Assessment and development in practice

  • Balance between trust and control
  • Objectives and assessment functions
  • Performance evaluation and assessment of potential
  • Agreement on objectives and results monitoring
  • Cooperative assessment of staff
  • Feedback sessions: Feedback, recognition and constructive criticism
  • Staff development – training and consultation sessions

General framework and models

  • Assessment of supervisors and colleagues
  • 360-degree-assessments
  • Training for observers, evaluators and consultants

Conditions and terms:

Groups of 6-10 participants
One-day seminar: 1.850 R